Charleston Tea Plantation Teas Now Available at The Crumpet Tea Room & Restaurant!

We love to support local.  When you talk about tea plantations, most are across the world in places like China, Japan, Kenya, etc.  But did you know we have a tea plantation right here in American?  That’s right, the only American grown tea comes from the Charleston Tea Plantation.  So for us, that’s local and we support Charleston Tea Plantation and the teas they produce!  You can find their teas at both our locations.  We have teas in boxes for you to take home and enjoy hot or cold.  You can enjoy a cup of the American Classic, Plantation Peach or Rockville Raspberry steeped as a hot tea or come in this summer and enjoy a glass of the Carolina Mint tea as our flavored ice tea of the day!  We are so excited to offer the only American grown tea!!  Try a cup or glass the next time you come to The Crumpet Tea Room & Restaurant.

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