Yes, we cater!  All of our combination plates on our menu are actually catering prices.  They are discounted from what they would be if you ordered the items separately.  So you actually get catering prices any time you order a combination plate.  To figure pricing, just multiple the price on the menu times the number of people you need to feed. 

For example, Chicken Salad Fruit Plate for 20 people – $10.95  x 20 = $price + tax.  You would receive a tray with 20 individual scoops of chicken salad, a bowl with 20 servings of fruit and 20 orange rolls.


Have an event where catering trays just don’t fit your needs, but individual box lunches would?  Great, because we do those too! 

Box lunches take time to prepare, so we do need advance notice.  We would be happy to discuss your event and what might work best for you.  Just call us at 479-876-8270 in Rogers to discuss how we may be of service. 

If you would like your catering order delivered, contact our partners at Waitr to order.

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