Our History

11818The Crumpet Tea Room & Restaurants is a local tradition in Rogers. Over 35 years ago The Crumpet Tea Room was opened in Bentonville and was moved to Downtown Rogers where it remained for several years until it closed down. A second sister location, The Crumpet Tea Room Express , was opened in Bentonville during the 80’s and closed in December of 2017.

After the Rogers Downtown location closed, we decided to open a location at Pleasant Grove Road; shortening the name to The Crumpet, as we are constantly expanding the menu to include more than just tea. The Crumpet relocated in August 2010 to our present location at Village on the Creeks. We now call it The Crumpet Tea Room & Restaurant, but we frequently say “The Crumpet” for short.

Many people do not realize that we hand pick our produce each week selecting from the freshest fruits and vegetables in the area and even selecting organic when available. Everyone has heard about our Orange Rolls, but not everyone knows that they take hours to make each day as we make a fresh batch from scratch each morning. Our goal is to make every plate as if we were serving our mothers, grandmothers and sisters. We would love for you to join us for lunch, tea or traditional English Afternoon Tea.


Update:  We closed our doors permanently on Sept. 4, 2020, after 18 years.  We were another casualty of COVID.  People stopped coming and restrictions made it almost impossible to provide the dine-in experience that made our tea room a unique place in NWA.  Thank you to those of you that did support us through the last year, ordering every week in an attempt to keep us going.  It’s hard to believe that after over 36 years in Rogers/Bentonville, this Rogers local spot’s time is over.  Our matriarch, Mackie Chesnutt, who owned the tea room the 16 years before us, passed away the week we closed.  It is truly an End of an Era.  Thank you again to all those that came through our doors at each location to enjoy time with friends and family.  We will sincerely miss all of our regulars and those that have supported our small little local tea room.